Service: Security as a Service [XaaS]

Security is an integral part of an application. Conducting security assessments across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a tedious task. Involves setting up dedicated team, relevant tools and hands-on expertise. Outsourcing your security assessments will ensure the assessments are conducted by certified security professionals and get the best results along with expert guidance. We support the following SDLC models: Waterfall, V, Incremental, RAD, Agile, Iterative, Spiral and Software Prototype

Advantages of XaaS model

  • Integrate Security into each phase of your software development program
  • Security issues reported in the same phase
  • Provides a proper security governance before the code advances to the next phase
  • Compliance to the Industry Standards and in-line with your Organization Standards
  • Maximum Cost vs. Effort utilization. Cost & Effort during the Testing phase will drastically reduce due to equal distribution of security across the software development
  • Security assessments conducted by Certified Security Professionals to ensure only relevant security vulnerabilities are reported
  • Assist your Development Teams in fixing the reported security issues
  • Retests after fixes to ensure no new vulnerabilities are introduced


  • Requirement Phase: Gather and evaluate security requirements to ensure security is considered right from the Requirement phase
  • Design Phase: Conduct Threat Modeling to identify the Critical Assets, existing Security Controls and report any missing security controls
  • Develop Phase: Conduct automated Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST), Manual Secure Code Reviews to identify and report any code level security vulnerabilities
  • Test Phase: Conduct automated Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Manually identify and report any runtime security issues
  • Deploy Phase: Conduct Network Penetration Testing (NPT) to identify and report any network level security vulnerabilities which may lead to critical security vulnerabilities such as: Denial of Service (DoS), Remote Code Execution (RCE)
  • Maintain Phase: Continuous monitoring and Threat Intelligence reporting of mission critical softwares, applications and hardwares that is most relevant to your Business. Covers ZERO Day reports