Training: on-demand Training

Training programs speed-up the learning curve and assist your trainees to readily and efficiently excel in their given tasks. We provide Information Security specific trainings to your resources/employees at your premise. The program targets audience ranging from Freshers to Senior Executives. We cover Industry Standards and Compliance such as OWASP, SANS, PCI-DSS, PA DSS, SOX, etc. and even Organization specific customized trainings.


  • Easy-to-customize training programs and specific to the target audience
  • Instructor led, on-premise trainings ensure your Resources are at ease in their work environment and concentrate more on the training
  • Covers the complete hierarchy of a given Organization with a wide range of target audience as depicted pictorically
  • Industry Standard Compliance and Organization specific customized training programs

Industry Standard Compliance

  • Provide trainings in-line with the Industry Standards, Compliance and specific to your Organization
  • Ensure your resources stay up-to-date with the latest security Standards and Compliances
  • OWASP: Covers the latest Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities from OWASP
  • SANS: Covers the latest Top 25 Programming Errors from SANS
  • PCI-DSS: Covers the latest version of PCI-DSS Compliance specific to Application Security
  • PA DSS: Covers the latest version of PA DSS Compliance specific to Application Security
  • SOX: Covers the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance training
  • Organization specific: Create the material and train the target audience in-line with your Organization Standards

Target Audience

  • Customized training programs for specific groups
  • CXOs: Create awareness on the need for Security at an Enterprise level
  • Executives: Covers the latest Security Threats and Vulnerabilities to keep up-to-date with recent security incidents which helps respond to any emergencies from their Clients
  • Security Professionals: Topics specific to identification and recommendations for each reported security vulnerability
  • Development Teams: Topics to cover the basics of Information Security and integrating security while Developing applications
  • Customized: Topics covering your Organization or Client requirements