Product: Management & Reporting System [MaRS]

MaRS is an Enterprise level cloud-based Vulnerability Management and Reporting System. Organizations can install MaRS either on their own Data Centers OR use our cloud hosting platform for access. This unique product combines various salient features keeping in mind the security functions carried out at an Enterprise level. Product features are explained as follows:


  • Generate real-time metrics to get the current status of each Project and its corresponding Version
  • Generate Reports based on Projects or Versions to find the status of each reported Security Vulnerability
  • Generate Reports based on your Clients/Customers to identify the engagement metrics at each phase of your Secure SDLC program
  • Developers use this feature to keep track of the vulnerability mitigation progress for each assigned Project and versions
  • Management use this feature to keep track of all the Projects and Versions they manage
  • Senior Executives use this feature to keep track of their current engagements
  • Sales Representatives use this feature to showcase their Prospect Customer on the engagement metrics with their existing Customers

Effort Estimates

  • Integrated estimation process to ease the Effort Estimation generation
  • Use this to generate real-time Effort Estimates for your existing Clients and prospects
  • Phase wise split-up of activities based on the number of person hours
  • Individual contributions estimated based on the type of activities and security assessments
  • Reports are stored directly onto the Database to keep a track of all the Effort Estimates generated within your Organization
  • During a Client meet, your Sales Executives can instantly access MaRS, generate and share the Estimates directly with your Clients in the form of .docx or .PDF
  • Grant MaRS access and assign estimates to your Clients where they can easily access and download the estimates
  • Customize the estimates per your Organization Standards


  • Includes the most common security requirements captured across various Industry Standards and Compliances
  • Gather inputs (usually during the Requirement phase) from your Clients and evaluate the security posture of the to-be developed application
  • Security Requirements are evaluated and the scores are categorized as Excellent, Good, Fair and Insecure depending on the inputs provided by your respective Clients
  • Allows storing the generated reports into the Database
  • Download and share the Report directly with your Clients over an email in the form of .docx or .PDF
  • Securely share the Report by granting access to MaRS where the Clients can easily access and download the assigned Reports
  • Customizable based on your Organization Standards and requirements to meet your demands


  • Upload and track each security findings across SDLC to closure
  • Create various versions to track changes by the Development Teams
  • Supports automated scanning tool reports from HP Fortify, IBM Rational AppScan and OWASP ZAP
  • Download pre-defined template, capture manual security findings and upload the same
  • Input both automated tool and manual testing reports
  • Risk rank each identified vulnerability based on the generic Risk Ranking Matrix
  • Manage and track the list of identified security vulnerabilities to closure


  • The Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM, pronounced “bee simm”) is a study of existing software security initiatives
  • The BSIMM is a measuring stick for software security
  • The BSIMM data show that high maturity initiatives are well rounded—carrying out numerous activities in all twelve of the practices described by the model
  • The BSIMM is appropriate if your business goals for software security include:
  • - Informed risk management decisions
  • - Clarity on what is “the right thing to do” for everyone involved in software security
  • - Cost reduction through standard, repeatable processes
  • - Improved code quality
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