Availability: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery [BCDR]

Service availability is the most cruicial criteria for any Business to succeed. There are real-time security incidents of Clients losing their Business due to the Phishing emails, Social Engineering attacks, application downtime, Denial of Service (DOS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and many more hacking incidents. The main objective of BCDR is to ensure your Business runs smoothly with a minimum acceptable downtime.

BCDR Workflow

  • Gather and prepare a list of all your Business critical assets
  • Review your existing BCDR plan and prepare relevant test case scenarios specific to the identified assets
  • Conduct BCDR drills to ensure your plan is effective
  • Identify the security gaps from the drills conducted
  • Prepare Executive summary and Detailed technical reports along with fix recommendations
  • Assist your BCDR team to help fix the gaps
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