Automate: Security Automation

All types of Business are slowly migrating towards automation. Advantages in terms of the quality of work, accuracy, readiness, efficiency, cost and effort. Identify and automate all your tedious security specific manual tasks with our customized Automation service.

Need for Security Automation

  • Automation helps reduce the repetative manual tasks and speed up a certain activity
  • Organizations can achieve accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Lowers the cost and effort spent by each individual or a group
  • There exist many unexplored areas where your Organization may still be doing certain security specific activities manually
  • Consult with our Automation experts, share your tedious activities and get our expert recommendations on the various tasks that can be automated
Some examples of Automation

Automation by Examples: Report

  • Most of the valuable time during Security Assessments are consumed during the documentation and reporting phase
  • Automating the reporting process by integrating your Organization specific custom requirements helps speed up the assessment process
  • Report automation saves your Organization the cost and effort
  • Ensures all details are in their respective pre-defined sections thus allowing you to concentrate more on the technical aspects of the report
  • Speed up the report generation and approval process

Automation by Examples: Effort Estimates

  • Helps generate a rough estimate of efforts to be spent by an individual or a group for a particular activity or process
  • Various teams within the same Organizations use custom-defined estimation approach which gets tedious to track
  • Generic effort estimates are customized for generated Information Security related proposals
  • Following a standard Security effort estimate and automating the same becomes easy to track and maintain at an Enterprise level
  • Automating and creating a standard template for the effort estimation process provides better clarity and trust worthiness to your Clients