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Product & Services
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Enterprise cloud based Vulnerability Management
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Integrate Security into Development Life Cycle
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Develop custom tailored softwares
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Automate manual security activities
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Threat Intelligence: TI


Our offerings are broadly categorised into:

  • Product: MaRS
  • Services: XaaS, OdT, MS, AMS, SDaaS, SA, BCMS and TI
  • Management & Reporting System [MaRS]

    An Enterprise level cloud-based Vulnerability Management and Reporting System.

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    Security as a Service [XaaS]

    Conduct security assessments across your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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    On-demand Trainings [OdT]

    Provide security specific classroom trainings at your doorstep across all levels ranging from Developers to Senior Executives.

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    Managed Services [MS]

    Manage all your Critical services thus allowing you to concentrate on your crucial Business activities.

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    Annual Maintenance & Support [AMS]

    Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) which are the triage of Information Security is a critical aspect for any Business to run smoothly.

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    Software Development as a Service [SDaaS]

    SDaaS ensures you get the best of your requirements with minimal time and cost.

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    Security Automation [SA]

    Identify and automate all your tedious security specific manual tasks with our customized Automation service.

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    Business Continuity Managed Services [BCMS]

    The main objective of BCMS is to ensure your Business runs smoothly with a minimum acceptable downtime.

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    Threat Intelligence [TI]

    SDaaS ensures you get the best of your requirements with minimal time and cost.

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    Security Requirement Gathering
    Threat Modeling (Design phase)
    Secure Code Review (Develop phase)
    Vulnerability Assessment &
    Penetration Testing (Testing phase)
    Network Penetration Testing (Deploy phase)
    WannaCry and Petya Ransomware


    Cyber Security Incidents 2017

    Cyber Security Incidents in 2017


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