Management & Reporting System [MaRS]

MaRS is an Enterprise level cloud-based Vulnerability Management and Reporting System. Organizations can install MaRS either on their own Data Centers OR use our cloud hosting platform for access. This unique product combines various salient features keeping in mind the security functions carried out at an Enterprise level.

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Security as a Service [XaaS]

Security is an integral part of an application. Conducting security assessments across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a tedious task. Involves setting up dedicated team, relevant tools and hands-on expertise. Outsourcing your security assessments will ensure the assessments are conducted by certified security professionals and get the best results along with expert guidance. We support the following SDLC models: Waterfall, V, Incremental, RAD, Agile, Iterative, Spiral and Software Prototype

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On-demand Training [OdT]

Training programs speed-up the learning curve and assist your trainees to readily and efficiently excel in their given tasks. We provide Information Security specific trainings to your resources/employees at your premise. The program targets audience ranging from Freshers to Senior Executives. We cover Industry Standards and Compliance such as OWASP, SANS, PCI-DSS, PA DSS, SOX, etc. and even Organization specific customized trainings.

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Managed Services [MS]

Managed Services offering helps achieve your goals, drive the Business efficiently in a cost effective manner. We manage all your Critical services thus allowing you to concentrate on your crucial Business activities.

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Annual Maintenance & Support [AMS]

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) which are the triage of Information Security is a critical aspect for any Business to run smoothly. Users expect the application to be available round the clock under all circumstances. Engage our services to get a vast range of IT Services, including Softwares, Computer peripherals to consumables that helps run your day-to-day Business.

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Software Development as a Service [SDaaS]

Software applications have changed the way Business operates in our day-to-day life. Ever changing technology landscape keep us on our toes, exceeding Client expectations is a challenging task and is directly proportionate to getting more Business from the same Client. SDaaS ensures you get the best of your requirements with minimal time and cost.

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Security Automation [SA]

All types of Business are slowly migrating towards automation. Advantages in terms of the quality of work, accuracy, readiness, efficiency, cost and effort. Identify and automate all your tedious security specific manual tasks with our customized Automation service.

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Business Continuity Managed Services [BCMS]

Service availability is the most cruicial criteria for any Business to succeed. There are real-time security incidents of Clients losing their Business due to the application downtime, Denial of Service (DOS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and many more hacking incidents. The main objective of BCMS is to ensure your Business runs smoothly with a minimum acceptable downtime.

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Threat Intelligence [TI]

Hacking incidents such as the Ransomware attacks due to Phishing emails are on the rise. Threat Intelligence is the process of gathering, analyzing and providing the relevant Vendor patch updates / hot fix details for the prevailing Threats. Staying up-to-date with the latest security threats, exploits, viruses, Trojans and malwares is very tedious activity for any Organization. Outsourcing this activity ensures your Organization stays updated.

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Cyber Security Incidents 2016
Security Requirement Gathering
Threat Modeling (Design phase)
Secure Code Review (Develop phase)
Vulnerability Assessment &
Penetration Testing (Testing phase)
Network Penetration Testing (Deploy phase)
WannaCry and Petya Ransomware



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